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Quality Control


1. Incoming inspection

All the raw materials, auxiliary materials, semi-finished products and finished products have to pass incoming inspection, and then can be put in storage. All the inspection results will be recorded in the incoming inspection sheet.

According to customers’ requirements, only safe and environment-friendly raw materials can be used, which are mostly imported materials.


2. On-line inspection

QC inspectors will perform on-line inspection in production field every half hour, record the results in on-line inspection sheet, so that quality issues can be discovered and solved in time.


3. Self-inspection in process

Operators have to make self-inspection in their own process, record the result in self-inspection sheet, to prevent defective products into next process.

The defective products from previous process or self-process will be recorded separately for performance appraisal.


4. Warehouse-out inspection

Before delivery, products have to pass the last inspection: warehouse-out inspection. All the results will be recorded in warehouse-out inspection sheet by QC inspectors.


5. Special inspection

Special inspection is usually performed to special batches or under customers’ special requirements, such as full inspection requirements for all products or some specific parts. All results to be recorded in special inspection sheet.


6. Quality feedback

After products received, if customers have any question or are dissatisfied with the quality, we will find out reasons, figure out improvement solutions as soon as possible, and record all with results in quality feedback sheet.

We are confident our product quality can be better and better through joint efforts.