Based on deep understanding of customers’ needs, what we offer are not only visible products, 

      but also a full set of service regarding integrated packaging solutions, so that customers can        

      concentrate themselves on the development and promotion of their products, it’s our duty to make 

      packaging more charming.

      If our products can also be regarded as a kind of service, the services we can offer are:

      1.       Pre-R&D process

      2.       Trial samples making

      3.       Mass production and quality control

      4.       On-time delivery of qualified products

      5.       outsourcing for container components and accessories with good quality assurance

     (1)   outsourcing and quality assurance for container components: for those components which we do not     

            manufacture currently, such as pump, we are happy to source them for you, we offer the same quality 

            assurance as our products, and take the same responsibility for quality too.

      (2)  outsourcing and quality assurance for accessories: for those products which we do not 

           manufacture currently, such as plastic tray, paper bag, plastic box and so on, we are happy to 

           source them for you too, we offer the same quality assurance as our products, and take the same

           responsibility for quality too.

           We hope these guarantee you enjoying the same quality of products and service, while avoiding   

           risk caused by working with too many vendors or unfamiliar products.


       6.     Flexible and timely logistics

            According to customer’s requirements, we can deliver batches of goods together for the           

            purpose of saving shipping costs, or to air freight partial urgent goods to satisfy market             

            needs if required.

        7.     Feedback and improvement

      We hope the business relationship between us is long-standing and sustainable, we value          

      any of opinions or suggestions on our products and service, as we believe it can help us             

      offer better products and services in the future.