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Unique packaging shows unique product.

Unique packaging brings emotional feeling.

To achieve silent but more eye-catching effect by packaging,

It is better to develop your exclusive moulds.


1.       philosophy advantages: 

Our R&D process is based on comprehensive analysis into demands from customer, consumer and market, To ensure our new packaging will be widely welcomed and appreciated.

2.       Technology and experience advantages: 

Focusing on cosmetic packaging for about 20 years, with accumulated rich technologies and experiences, We are confident our R&D process is high efficiency and success rate.

We develop new products, tool new moulds and make trial samples depending on customer demand, do Our utmost to ensure customer demands are completely and correctly reflected in the products.

3.       Quality control and system advantages: 

With many years of cooperation with foreign customers from Europe, US, Japan and so on, we have built Up strict quality control systems, which live up to customer demands. 

4.     Speed advantages: 

To speed up R&D process, we join with customers to offer our professional solutions or suggestions in Terms of packaging when they may have only a vague idea about product, till product design, sample Making and finally trial small batch producing, maximumly increase the speed and success rate of R&D Process. 

We hope our above advantages can be converted to the following advantages of your products on the Market.